What type of customers do you help?

We help all types of healthcare providers including:

Will I burn a relationship with my current distributor or supplier? 

No, these agreements will not effect your supplier relationship and they are happy to retain your business.  Our pricing is within their volume pricing and profit structures, and we are leveraging our broad customer base and volume to gain you the best price.

Do I have to change distributors?

Most of the time no, as our contracts link you with the manufacturers. Whom you purchase through does not need to change.

How do I know if you will save me money?

We offer a free analysis which provides sku level detail on current and future cost by product.  If we can’t save you money, we wish you well and now you know you are getting great pricing.  But, we can, we show you how and how much!

On what type of products do you save money?

We can save you money on most items used in a healthcare environment.

How do you save me money?

Based on our extensive knowledge, we have established agreements that maintain profits for both suppliers and distributors, but also leverage group volume pricing for our customers.

If this is real, why can I not get the savings myself?

Like many industries, volume provides leverage.  As a stand-alone company, you are not aware nor can you get the best price.  We leverage our knowledge of the pricing structures by product and combine multiple companies to gain the leverage for the best price.

Do I have to change the products I’m buying to realize the savings?

No, product selection is 100% your decision.

How do you get paid?

We use a self-funding model, you pay us a percent of your savings.  If we don’t save you money, it cost you nothing.