Will Medical Supplies be impacted by Coronavirus?

With so many medical supply companies based in China and with the increase in the need of preventative care supplies, companies are now looking at the implications of the virus spread on needed supplies. Many are stocking up to ensure they can meet demand, while others are evaluating alternative sources.

On Feb. 8th, Reuters reported that Cao Guangjing, the vice governor of the China’s Hubie province where some of the leading manufacturers are based, indicated producers of protective gear- such as mask and suits, had returned to work. However, “shortages still exits.”

This announcement came a day after the World Health Organization (WHO), indicated stockpiles of some supplies had been depleted and some producers were reporting extensive lead times for replenishment, some as long as six months.

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No mater your current demand, confirming your current supplies and needs for the next few month is critical. While the WHO is working to contain the spread, no is sure of how quickly the spread can stopped and the implications on key products produced in China.

Our goal is to ensure you get the products you need at a fair price. We recommend all medical sites evaluate their current inventory of key supplies and plan for shortages of mask, gloves, and gowns for the next few months.