28 Million Elective Surgeries are Postponed Due to Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has taken a toll on all medical institutions and people in need of care. It has been estimated by The British Journal of Surgery, that 28 million elective surgeries have been postponed. 

This greatly impacts the lives of the ones who are need of those surgeries. These elective surgeries could help with joint issues, could alleviate pain, or address other complications. With a cancellation rate projected at just over 72 percent, according to The British Journal of Surgery study, many patients continue to suffer and wait for the opportunity to correct address.

As it has impacted the people of those elective surgeries, it has also greatly impacted the medical institutions. Many sites of care are trying to manage the financial impact of reduced income and increased cost. While they can resume as long as they abide by health and safety protocols, it is a huge hit to bounce back from. With more health and safety protocols, more supplies are needed, increasing expenses.

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